Board & Staff

2017 Mecosta Board of Directors

• Chairman- Don Henning
• Vice-Chairman- Clare Cook
• Secretary- Tom Samuel
• Treasurer- Karen Motawi
• Director- Bill Jernstadt


• District Manager - Charmaine Lucas

• Forestry and Wildlife Professional - Rick Lucas

• MAEAP Technician - Tony Wernette

• USDA-NRCS District Conservationist - Jennifer Taylor
2017 Osceola-Lake Board of Directors
• Chairman- Shawn Gingrich
• Vice-Chairman- Mark Bontekoe
• Secretary- Patrick Kailing
• Treasurer- David Randall
• Member- L.D. Hesselink
• District Manager- Charmaine Lucas

• District Forester- Rick Lucas

• MAEAP Technician- Karen Ickes

• USDA-NRCS District Conservationist- Greg White

Board Meetings
Regular board meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month at the USDA Service Center and Conservation District office located at 18260 Northland Drive, Big Rapids, MI 49677.

Board meetings are not held every month. Call the office for dates and times. From time to time we have to change the schedule due to reasons beyond our control. Call (231) 796-0909 Ext. 3.

Meetings are open to the public.
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