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Mecosta/Osceola Chapter of Pheasants Forever

The Mecosta/Osceola Chapter of Pheasants Forever is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement of wildlife habitats for pheasants and all wildlife. The Chapter is totally operated by volunteers who are not in any way compensated for their efforts other than the satisfaction that they are making a difference for wildlife.

The Mecosta/Osceola Chapter helps local landowners improve their properties by distributing over 1,500 pounds of seed, free of charge, to members of Mecosta/Osceola. The Annual Membership fee is $35.00. You can become a member and receive a seed order form here on this website.

The Mecosta/Osceola Chapter funds all programs through money raised at their Annual Banquet. Unlike other conservation organizations, the Mecosta/Osceola chapter of Pheasants Forever retains virtually 100 percent of funds they raise. Only your $35.00 membership fee is forwarded to the national office. 92 cents out of every dollar goes toward wildlife habitat.

Since inception, Mecosta/Osceola Chapter of Pheasants Forever has measured its success not in pheasants, but in acres. Every year we work hard to ensure that more and better habitats are made available for the benefit of a wide range of wildlife. Our work restores wetlands, protects prairies, or enhances what already exists through the establishment of food plots, winter cover, and nesting cover. Our beneficiaries include not only hunters, conservationists, and farmers, but all concerned with wildlife and the environment as well.

More Information

• 23rd Annual Banquet
• Browning Gun Raffle 2017
• Youth Mentor Hunt

The Chapter holds an Annual Youth Mentor Hunt. Youth are able to hunt with an experienced guide dog as well as participate in several other activities. Lunch is provided at no cost thanks to our local sponsors. For more details, be sure to get on our Mecosta/Osceola chapter of Pheasants Forever mailing list.
For information on any of our activities, contact our office by calling (231) 796-1844.

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